Avril Accolla
Designer of IDI Italy,Founder of avrildesign. Specializes in: Design Direction, Diversity, Marketing, Training Management, prototyping.

Avril Accolla, born in Pittsburgh, USA, was graduated with distinction in Industrial Design in Politecnico di Milano. At present, she is contract professor "per Chiara Fama" at Politecnico di Milano with the title “Renowned Academics”, based on her contributions on Inclusive Design, Design for All and Holistic Ergonomics.
Professional works since 1998, including managing a production engineering R&D department focusing on industrialization of innovative products. In 2002, she opened her own professional studio “avrildesign” (product and multimedia), particularly focusing on Design for All (DFA). She is also co-founder and partner of Confluenze Design-Ergonomics-Marketing Associated Studies. She actively cooperates with professional studios and companies nationally and internationally, for innovation in the sectors of High Technology Product and R&D.

International Scientific Director for the Spanish project "DFA Curricula in Universities“.

In 2014, third reprint of the book “Design for All: the Project for the Real Individual” published in 2009 by Franco Angeli and translated in Spanish.

Professional Member ADI and DFA, Italy.

Release Date:Jun. 24,2016