Davide Conti

Davide Conti was born in Genoa. In 2003 he began to study interior and furniture design. After his studies he took part in and won several national and international competitions which have since engaged him in participating in design events and exhibitions.  

Following the professional growth and the finalization of the projects, he decides to found the Davide Conti Design Studio in Italy, work especially for interior design projects.  

From 2015 he became ADI General Manager in China, where he develops projects related to the internationalization of ADI and Compasso d'Oro with Chinese partners, actively contributing to the promotion and development of projects between the Chinese and Italian design world.  

Over the years, the company from Italy has broadened its horizons to Shanghai, opening up new prospects for the team in the company and its clients.  

In China, in addition to designing, he actively participates as a juror for international competitions and teaches interior design at Chinese universities and private institutes, developing courses, workshops and cultural journeys under the banner of Italian design.  

In 2017, together with other colleagues working in China, he founded the IADC, Italian Architects and Designers Community in China.  

In 2019 he founded IDM - Italian Design Masterclass in Shanghai, an extra-academic course of high education for Chinese designers.

Particularly creative lives reality with joy and curiosity, drawing innumerable ideas that lead him to dedicate himself with passion to his work. He lives and works in Shanghai (China), Milan and his beloved Chiavari (Genoa, Italy).


Release Date:Sep. 12,2019