Dongdan Lv

Chairman, co-founder and chief brand architect of Mexarts yanmei group, member of the expert committee on long term rental apartments in China. "Top ten innovation figures of Chinese independent brands" and "leading figure of Chinese economy".

China-denmark cultural exchange envoy, curator of commercial space and product exhibition, industry representative of high-end household brands, initiator of new cooperation mode of household and real estate. It has made outstanding achievements in the business space of hotels, long-rented apartments, restaurants and cafes, and won high praise from global partners such as starbucks, vanke real estate and nextev.

"To be a disseminator of beauty and an advocate of a new lifestyle" is the mission Mr. Lu dongdan has entrusted to himself. He collected in many parts of the world excellent household concept, and household products, life style, space aesthetics, design art dealing with more than 25 years, set up the international design team and production team, to provide complete solutions from design to production, to synchronize with the world's rich experience abroad to China, to contemporary life aesthetics and art to more business.


Release Date:Sep. 12,2019