The CF Awards are open to products in the National Pavilion of Canton Fair in the following 7 categories:

1. Electronics and Electrical Products, including products exhibited in: Household Electrical Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Information Products,Lighting Equipment, Electrical and Electronic products.

2. Building Materials, Hardware and Tools, including products exhibited in: Hardware, Tools, Building & Decoration Materials, Sanitary & Bathroom Equipment, Outdoor Spa Equipment.

3. Transportation, Machineryand Energy, including products exhibited in: Motorcycles, Bicycles,Vehicle Spare Parts, Vehicle, General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories, Large Machinery & Equipment, Construction and Agriculture Machinery Vehicle Spare Parts, Power Machinery and Electric Power, New Energy Resources.

4. Daily Necessities, including products exhibited in: Kitchenware & Tableware, General Ceramics, Pet Products & Food, Household Items, Personal Care Products, Toiletries, Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments, Toys, Gifts & Premiums, Office Supplies.

5. Furnishing and Gardening, including products exhibited in: Furniture, Gardening Products, Art Ceramics, Home Decorations, Glass Artware, Weaving, Rattan and Iron arts, Festival Products.

6. Healthcare, including products exhibited in: Medicines ,Health Products and Medical Devices, Sports, Travel & Recreation Products.

7. Textile & Garments, including products exhibited in: Men and Women’s Clothing, Kids’ Wear, Underwear, Sports and Casual Wear, Furs, Leather, Downs& Related Products, Fashion Accessories and Fittings, Home Textiles, Textiles Raw Materials & Fabrics, Carpets & Tapestries, Shoes, Cases and Bags.

Note: 2013, 2014 CF Award winning products can not participate in the 2015 CF Award selection.

Release Date:May. 15,2017