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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is located at the junction of Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Huashan Town and Huadong Town, approximately 45 kilometers away from Canton Fair Complex. Every day thousands of flights bound for every place in the world (Flight Inquiry). Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is highly favored with the traffic convenience with shuttling buses running back and forth in urban areas. Metro and expressways are easily connected with Canton Fair Complex.
Service Hotline: 86122933

To facilitate the business people to visit Canton Fair Complex for handling the boarding procedures, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. makes a point of setting its service counter at the complex to facilitate the passengers to get the boarding pass.

Flight Schedule

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Canton Fair Complex
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport enjoys a great transportation network. It takes only 20 minutes to drive along the Airport Express Way from downtown to the Airport.Taxi is should be the most convenient, and yet more expensive, way to go to the airport.

To reach Area A of Canton Fair Complex, get out from Exit A of Xingang Dong Station. To reach Area B, get out from Exit A of Pazhou Station; and to Area C, Exit C of Pazhou Station.
Route:Jichang Nan Station ---Xinguang Dong/Pazhou Station
Line 3 (North extended line) Jichang Nan Station --Tiyu Xi Station 

Line 3   Tiyu Xi Station ---Kecun Station

Line 8   Kecun Station--Xingang Dong Station (Area A of Canton Fair Complex)
                                          Pazhou Station (Area B & C of Canton Fair Complex)
Duration: about 43 minutes;
Fare:RMB 8 Yuan

Airport shuttle bus
From Canton Fair Complex to the Baiyun Airport
Guangzhou Airport Express offers special direct shuttle bus service between Canton Fair Complex and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in all 3 Phases of Canton Fair.
Phase 1 (Apr./Oct. 15~19), Phase 2 (Apr./Oct. 23~27), and Phase 3 (May 1~5/Oct.31~Nov.4 ) .
Pickup zone:Lane 1, Complex Mid. Road, Area A, Canton Fair Complex;
Service time: 13:00-18:00;
Bus departure: about every 30 minutes.
Duaration:the whole journey will take about 50 minutes
Fare:RMB 25 Yuan.
Hotline: 4008-308-688 

Shuttle buses between hotels and the airport
Panyu Hotel to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport     
Welton Hotel to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
GuangzhouBaiyun Airportto Huashi Hotel (near Gangding, Huajing New City, South China Normal University, and Jinan University; every 30 minutes.
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Crowne Plaza Hotel Guangzhou City Center, via Garden Hotel; every 30 minutes.
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport←→Civil Aviation ticket office, every 10-15 minutes.
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport←→Fangcun Coach Station; every 30 minutes.
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport←→Pearl Garden Hotel in the Development District, via Grand Royal Hotel; every 45 minutes.

Notes: The above information is for reference only; since the operators may change their service time and content, on-site enquiries are recommended. 

On-site Service of China Southern Airlines at Canton Fair Complex, print your boarding card on-site.
An adult holder of China Southern Airlines' e-ticket for domestic flight starting from Guangzhou, if the ticket has not been changed, he may go to the following counters and get his boarding card during the period between 2 pm the day before the flight and one hour before the flight.
Address:Counter 3-6, Hall 3, Pearl River Promenade, Area A.
Counter10-4, Hall 10, Pearl River Promenade, Area B.
Counter 16.2-2, 2F, Hall 16, Area C.
With the boarding card, passengers without luggage to be checked-in may go directly to security check. Passengers with luggages shall check in their luggages at the airport.

The above information is for reference only.