Jincheng Chaozhou Restaurant
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Guangzhou Jincheng Chaozhou Restaurant was established in 1990 and it is now running 5 chained restaurants, as one of the large sized food and beverage enteprises. In Jincheng, quality and details are what they most care, and personalized, ordered and hommized services are provided here. This restaurant has won so many honor titles and the title of Special Grade Restaurant granted by authorities of the state and the administrative authorities. The restaurant has participated in many international gourmet festivals and gourmet competitions in the past years, and it also has been providing meals to the Fair, as well as the meal supply to the opening ceremoney and closing ceremoney of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou and it has won excellent appraisals and comments for the services provided. Jincheng will continue its development stably in its brand name management, chain management and standardized management, as what it has done so far.
No.4 yellow zone fastfood area
Floor A
Area B

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