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【Canton Fair Story】Zhuang Dajian: Passing Our Business Card to the World through the Canton Fair

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“Canton Fair is not only a trading platform. It provides an opportunity for exchanges among peers and an international platform for enterprises to showcase their innovation image to the world,” said Zhuang Dajian, Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Light Industrial Products, Arts & Crafts Textiles I/E Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangzhou Light Industrial”), at the 125th Canton Fair.

When Zhuang Dajian first participated in the Canton Fair, his company’s stand was crowded with buyers. Many merchants lined up to negotiate business and sign contract. “Through the Canton Fair, we can always meet new partners and expand our trade ‘friend circle’, which lay a solid foundation for our over 400 million USD of annual sales.”

In recent years, many entrepreneurs have realized that releasing new products at the Canton Fair is a means to attract buyers’ attention and increase their income. The key to better occupying overseas markets is to adjust production direction based on sales situation, make products follow the trend and stimulate innovation and vitality. According to Zhuang, Hangzhou Light Industrial hires foreign designers to constantly update products, takes root in European and American countries and regions, and establishes a network system integrating R&D, marketing and service to further understand and meet the needs of overseas consumers.

“Product innovation guarantees our market competitiveness. However, for a foreign trade company, institutional innovation is an important way to maintain business vitality.” Zhuang Dajian believes that Hangzhou Light Industrial has broken the business model of traditional foreign trade. The company expanded the original small teams of three or five people into a large-scale platform with clear division of work, so that employees in each link are more proficient in their own work, which reduces the risk of job changes for company operation, and enables employees to grow together with the company.

As said by Zhuang Dajian, Hangzhou Light Industrial will gather production factors, expand overseas sales channels through the Canton Fair, use innovative means to improve production capacity, and deliver its business cards to the world.


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Reporters: Shi Liang, Li Junhao