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【Canton Fair Story】Shao Lulu: Be a “Think Tank” for Sino-German Trade

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“The Canton Fair is a good bridge for Sino-Germany trade relationship, and a bond to bilateral partnership,” said Shao Lulu, Deputy General Manager of Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sino-German Ecological Park”) at the 125th Canton Fair.

Sino-German Ecological Park has opened SGEFinder trading platform, which is committed to direct cooperation with foreign brands and manufacturers without intermediate traders. Shao said: “We can guarantee product quality and brand image from the source, and ensure a reasonable and fair price.” She believes that this trade model is hard at the beginning, but in the long run, it will make Sino-German Ecological Park’s foreign trade healthier, more stable and sustainable.

Shao Lulu has participated in the Canton Fair for six years. She sums up trade experience and adjusts trade layout through market feedback and interpretation of China’s national policies. “We will innovate and adjust our business model. Thanks to such a platform like Canton Fair, we can communicate with more partners, which will greatly help our promotion and enhance our popularity.”

At present, over forty German companies have entered the China market through SGEFinder. It offers more than 2,000 categories of products, including wine and maternal and infant products.

How to better promote Sino-German economic and trade exchanges? Shao believes that the first method is to complement each other to quickly open up the market for bilateral trade, and that the second method is to understand relevant trade policies of both parties and clear up obstacles to facilitate smooth trade cooperation.

Trade exchanges between China and Germany also contain cultural exchanges. “The winery of Germany’s Benediktiner boasts over-400-year long monastic brewing tradition and Bavarian beer culture. For consumers, beer is not simply beer, but contains culture in it.” In the future,Sino-German Ecological Park will transform from a pure purchaser and marketer to a product integrator. “We will offer full-service supply chain solutions for Sino-German trade, which will cover product procurement, customs clearance, logistics and distribution.”

Sources: WeChat account of Ministry of Commerce, Canton Fair Press Center, xinhuanet.com

Reporters: Li Xingzi, Wang Houqi