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“Canton Fair Story”Liang Guidong: the Canton Fair Facilitates Companies’ to Extend “Trade Contacts”

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GUANGZHOU, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) “The Canton Fair is an important channel for Chinese companies to expand their markets. More and more companies are exploring diversified international market through the Canton Fair,” said Liang Guangxiang, Director of Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangxi Sanhuan”). With the help of the Canton Fair, Liang has not only known trading partners from all over the world, but also gradually polished the brand of his company through technical exchange, production factor swap and innovation-driven development.

Focusing on markets along the “Belt and Road”, the current Canton Fair expands trading partners and strives to build a comprehensive, multi-level marketing network. As of October 15, the Canton Fair has established partnerships with 128 industrial and commercial organizations in 72 countries and regions.

Under the background of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Guangxi Sanhuan has turned its attention to countries and regions along the route. “Our company mainly exported products to Europe and the United States, but now it is opening up new markets in the Middle East and Central Asia.” In response to the needs of the Middle East, the group set up a branch in Dubai to develop embossed gold products which are more profitable. In terms of export, its revenue in the first half of 2019 increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

Guangxi Sanhuan mainly produces and sells daily-use ceramics, and is also engaged in ceramic technology R&D, ceramic raw material processing and ceramic kilnware. From the 90th session to the current session, it has participated in the Canton Fair for 36 sessions. This time, it displays products featured high transparency and high whiteness, which represent its product upgrading and technological innovations.

 “With the support from the Canton Fair, we learn advanced technologies and concepts from our foreign counterparts, improve product quality with innovative methods and means, build our own brands, win by quality, increase the added value of our products, and win more space for development in the fierce market competition,” said Liang Guidong.

In the era of consumption upgrading, in addition to basic needs, consumers put forward higher requirements on the design and functional characteristics of products. How should companies grasp consumers’ psychological trends and seize market share?

According to Liang Guidong, Guangxi Sanhuan will cooperate with colleges and universities to establish an internship base, study the preferences and individualized requirements of consumers at home and abroad with emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing and improve product quality and production efficiency.

Green production is also an important link. Guangxi Sanhuan implements the concept of “recycling” and reuses some waste materials from ceramic production to produce water permeable bricks. It provides services such as water absorption, storage and seepage for cities in accordance with the standards and requirements of “sponge city”.


Sources: Canton Fair Press Center, xinhuanet.com

Reporters: Li Junhao, Fu Zhe