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“Canton Fair Story” Make Innovations, Improve Quality, Expand the Market... See How Senior Exhibitors Stay ahead of the Curve in the Market

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GUANGZHOU, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) Innovative upgrading, improving quality, opening up the market... These keywords have always been the “clutch shots” of companies that compete in the Canton Fair. How can companies stand out from competitors and occupy the highland of foreign trade? At the 126th Canton Fair, companies from different fields gave their answers.


No Industry Will Close down, only Companies Do

According to Chu Jiwang, Honorary Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ningbo Ruyi”), in the face of uncertain factors in the external environment, entrepreneurs must have a unyielding and unrelenting spirit, work hard, settle down to develop new products, and make innovations so as to surpass their peers.

Ningbo Ruyi mainly manufactures materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks, electric vehicles and hydraulic pallet trucks. Chu said: “The survival of the fittest means to constantly launch new products. Only by making innovations can we remain invincible. No company can always rest easy. We must always think and keep moving forward to retain market share.”

To win by quality, we must invest in science and technology, and make innovations in equipment, products and markets. No industry will close down, only companies do. “Competition among peers is a double-edged sword. Without competition, our company couldn’t have developed fully automatic guided vehicles and Xiaoli electric cars, which have promoted market development. We must engage in orderly competition instead of vicious competition.”


Our first order came from the Canton Fair and we kept producing individualized crafts 

Yuan Li, Manager of the International Sales Department of Guangdong Songfa Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that the Canton Fair witnessed the growth of the company. “Our first order came from the Canton Fair. From original one booth to current ten or twenty booths, we have continued to grow with the development of the Canton Fair. Until today, the Canton Fair is our main platform for foreign trade."

 “In sales and production, the least thing we should do is to fall into homogenous vicious competition. We must start from the process and design, follow our peers and the market, and manufacture personalized products that are in line with market taste,” said Yuan Li.

Songfa Ceramics specializes in ceramic products including daily-use ceramics and hotel supplies. As the company sees it, ceramic products should not only be practical, but also be designed into artworks by incorporating the authors’ thinking and Chinese cultural elements such as ink painting and blue and white porcelain.

 “We start from material R&D and improve the level of mechanization. Currently, our aim is to expand the use of ceramics. More and more people in China are keen on baking. For export-oriented enterprises like us, we take advantage of our rich experience to expand the domestic market with our own brand.”


Strengthen Cultural Exchanges and Increase the Added Value of Products through the Canton Fair 

In recent years, the Canton Fair has promoted economic and trade cooperation with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to achieve the goal of “enhancing the quality of foreign trade while maintaining stability and promoting high-quality development”, which has brought business opportunities for enterprises to open up markets.

At the press conference of the 126th Canton Fair held a few days ago, spokesperson Xu Bing said that the Canton Fair has established partnerships with 128 industrial and commercial organizations in 72 countries and regions. Markets along the “Belt and Road” are key destinations of the Canton Fair’s Global Partnership Program. Currently, 53 industrial and commercial organizations in 35 countries along the route have joined the program. Among the nine newly added institutions this year, five are along the “Belt and Road”.

Cai Zhentong, Chairman of Guangdong Sitong Group Co., Ltd. remarked: “The construction of ‘Belt and Road’ has opened up new space for world economic growth and built a new platform for international trade and investment. In the future, we will focus on expanding trading partners in markets along the route, and integrate traditional Chinese culture with the culture of countries and regions along the ‘Belt and Road’ to effectively improve the level and added value of our products.”


Sources: Canton Fair Press Center, xinhuanet.com

Reporter: Li Xingzi